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Measuring industry maturity

Gaining an understanding of industry maturity in relation to both digital transformation and digital twins is a key objective of the Digital Twin Hub. In 2020, we launched our first investigation using the Smart Infrastructure Index© (SII) - developing an extension to the core SII digital transformation questions to focus on members’ organisational maturity in relation to digital twins.

We plan to repeat the survey annually to demonstrate increasing maturity levels within the DT Hub community.

Our objectives are to:

  • Better understand the digital maturity of our membership
  • Explore relationships between digital transformation and digital twins
  • Compare and contrast metrics from DT Hub members with broader SII metrics
  • Inform future areas of focus for the DT Hub and the National Digital Twin programme (NDTp)

Smart Infrastructure Index

Screenshot of the Smart Infrastructure Index

The Smart Infrastructure Index© builds upon learning from Project 13, providing a user-friendly way for organisations to measure their digital maturity and benchmark progress against peers.

Developed specifically for the built environment and infrastructure industry, the Index provides a holistic view of digital maturity: from customer insights to digital twins; modern methods of construction to whole-life asset management.

As the standard measure of digital maturity in the UK built environment, it is used for benchmarking by the Infrastructure Client Group.

The Index allows organisations to:

  • Understand their digital maturity using a proven methodology
  • Identify capability gaps and priorities to address in their digital roadmap
  • Benchmark performance against their peers and learn from the best

The DT Hub and Mott MacDonald Digital Ventures have worked together to bolster the standard Index for the benefit of members of the DT Hub, adding a new question set about digital twins.

Together with the original seven categories, the extended Index asks about:

  • Digital twins
  • Customers
  • Commercial
  • Digital transformation
  • Asset management
  • Asset delivery
  • Asset performance
  • Continuous improvement

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