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  • The Apollo Protocol
    The Apollo Protocol

    Open Network 168 members Last active The Apollo Protocol

    A community to look at unlocking the benefits of digital twins between the built environment and manufacturing sectors, supported by the technology sector. By joining this network you will express an interest in the Apollo Protocol initiative. Here we will share and discuss the next steps in the delivery of unified digital twins. Run by the Apollo Protocol team. Download the white paper at http://theiet.org/apollo-protocol

    • OtmaneS
    • Pria
    • senh
    • Derwen
    • sarah cameron
    • Lindsay
    • Peter El Hajj
    • WilliamMarkiewicz
    • Mark Queenan
    • Teck Khiew

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  • DT Hub Community Champions
    DT Hub Community Champions

    Open Network 72 members Last active DT Hub Community Champions

    The DT Hub Community Champions open network is for DT Hub members with a keen interest in shaping the community. This is the place to discuss ideas and find out about ways to become more involved in shaping, improving and growing the DT Hub community.

    • Poonam Parihar
    • Mazdak Salavati
    • Lola Carbajal
    • Abdul Rahman Mohammad
    • WilliamMarkiewicz
    • LukeW
    • DRossiter87
    • Chenghong Gu
    • Luke Chen
    • Vivian Ku

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  • Gemini Call
    Gemini Call

    Open Network 761 members Last active Gemini Call

    Welcome to the Gemini Call network on the DT Hub. The Gemini Call is a 30-minute stand-up for those in the digital twin community. It includes updates from the programme, a feature on digital twin projects from the community, and an open forum for comments, questions and news. Join us every Tuesday, 10:30-11:00 via Microsoft Teams. Catch up with the recordings and the Q&A threads of previous calls plus selected presentations right here! IMPORTANT: This network is an opt-in communications channel for the Gemini Call, therefore we would like to remind you that we send calendar invitations to the Call by email, and we will also send information or material relating directly to the Call.

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  • The Defence Digital Network

    Open Network 56 members Last active The Defence Digital Network

    A forum for airing and sharing concepts and ideas between the defence sector and other market sectors using digital twins. Including, but not exclusively: aspects of Lifecycle V&V; commercial and personnel issues; engagement between suppliers, particularly SMES, and the MOD/FLCs. *** The content of this network (posts, shared files ...) is visible to guests of the DT Hub website (non-registered members).***

    • Henry Fenby-Taylor
    • farhat0259
    • Teknick
    • bill_mitchelmore
    • turn-left
    • Jeff Lake
    • Dean Perry
    • Rich
    • Chris Corcino
    • nrm

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  • gist Enterprise Upper Ontology

    Open Network 8 members Last active gist Enterprise Upper Ontology

    gist is Semantic Arts’ minimalist upper ontology for the enterprise. It is designed to provide the maximum coverage of typical business concepts with the fewest number of primitives and the least amount of ambiguity. The gist ontology is free (as in free speech and free beer): it is distributed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-ShareAlike license. You can use it as you see fit for any purpose, as long as you give Semantic Arts attribution. The gist ontology is used extensively in Semantic Arts' work and elsewhere. You might find it helpful in your work. As a contribution to the overall UK Digital Twin efforts it can provide a stable platform for building out enterprise ontologies in almost any sphere. Ongoing development of gist is open to the public at the gist GitHub repository, and contributions in the form of comments on issue discussion threads and submission of issues and pull requests are welcomed. Guidelines for the latter are found in the docs section of the repository. New issues and pull requests are reviewed by the Semantic Arts ontology team twice a month. The ontology files locally, download a zipped archive containing gist as well as documentation. You can import these files directly into your ontology editor of choice: Protégé, Topbraid, etc. The gist Network is there to help colleagues understand how gist can help in your work and to provide support. Helpful Links can be found at https://www.semanticarts.com/gist/

    • JT Metcalf
    • Gokhan Guler
    • Jonathan Rhind
    • Attila Horváth
    • Vivian Ku
    • Sondria
    • Ali Nicholl
    • Peter Winstanley

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  • Open Innovation - Open (Citizen) Science - SDG
    Open Innovation - Open (Citizen) Science - SDG

    Open Network 43 members Last active Open Innovation - Open (Citizen) Science - SDG

    Establish the bridge between the virtual and offline world as well as connect academics and communities to focus on social impact by providing the missing valuable functions of the social technology for the common good.

    • Santiago
    • Gokhan Guler
    • Newbold
    • James O
    • dave drewitt
    • Amro
    • HughB
    • Ali Nicholl
    • Glen Worrall
    • HollyFathom

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  • Data Value and Quality
    Data Value and Quality

    Open Network 97 members Last active Data Value and Quality

    A place to focus discussion around how our collective approach to data governance, value and quality must evolve. It provides a central point for the storage of resources that are relevant to each topic, and a forum for the open sharing of ideas, research and case studies. Please note that the content of this network (posts, shared files ...) is visible to guests of the DT Hub website (non-registered members).

    • stu73
    • C-D-I
    • martin.bett.ideagen
    • Alexandra Robasto
    • Chris
    • Fanta Camara
    • Ajeeth
    • Nicola Moretti
    • Alpesh Doshi
    • Elias N

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  • CDBB Alumni Network

    Closed Network 14 members Last active CDBB Alumni Network

    A private network for staff, contractors, and anyone involved in the delivery of the CDBB partnership to continue discussions, and further work on the delivery of a Digital Built Britain.

    • Daniel Block
    • Samuel A Chorlton
    • Henry Fenby-Taylor
    • Alexandra Robasto
    • Anne GUINARD
    • Alexandra Bolton
    • Claire Dowdall
    • RachelJudson
    • Tom Hughes
    • Catherine Condie

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  • Italian DT Hub
    Italian DT Hub

    Open Network 24 members Last active Italian DT Hub

    [ITA] Il lancio di un programma per la realizzazione di un Digital Twin Nazionale italiano è un'iniziativa ideale da includere nel PNRR. L'esperienza triennale del programma inglese insegna che il primo passo consiste nella creazione di uno spazio di socializzazione dedicato. Un DT Hub, appunto, e questo è il primo lingua italiana per permettere agli stakeholder dei nostri territori di incontrarsi e scambiare opinioni e conoscenze, esperienze e casi d'uso, fino alla creazione di partnership per rispondere più efficacemente a qualunque opportunità dovesse emergere. Sentitevi liberi di postare in inglese o italiano e condividere a vostro piacimento. I contenuti di queste pagine sono accessibili anche da non-membri del DT Hub. [ENG] The launch of an Italian National Digital Twin programme is an ideal initiative to be included in the PNRR. The three-year experience of the English programme teaches that the first step is to create a dedicated socialization space. A DT Hub, in fact, and this is the first in Italian language to allow the stakeholders of our territories to meet and exchange opinions and knowledge, experiences and use cases, up to the creation of partnerships to respond more effectively to any opportunity that might emerge. This network was created to allow the sharing of knowledge in a collaborative space, promoting co-design in addressing the ever growing issues interested by the expansion of the digital twin paradigm (land management, medicine, business organization, construction, etc.). Feel free to post in English or Italian and share at your convenience. The content of this network (posts, shared files ...) is visible to guests of the DT Hub website (non-registered members).

    • Francesco Mennillo
    • Andrea Halmos
    • Francesca Noardo
    • Emilia Cardamone
    • Daniel Block
    • f_cumo
    • Costanza B
    • Sondria

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  • IMF Community
    IMF Community

    Open Network 121 members Last active IMF Community

    Welcome to the IMF Community Public Network, a unique communication channel with the Information Management Framework (IMF) team. Join this network if you would like to keep up with progress on technical and non-technical developments for the IMF. Please note that the team’s delivery pace is quarterly, and we recommend you follow the network so we can notify you when new resources become available. You can get in touch with the IMF team at any point by using the forum to ask questions or share comments on the IMF resources. The forum is monitored, and we will do our best to answer you as quickly as possible. Be aware that forum posts are also visible to guests of the website (non-registered members).

    • Mark Enzer
    • Richard Dobson
    • Isla Martin-Abel
    • Neil Thompson
    • Su Butcher
    • Marek Suchocki
    • Liam McGee
    • Ben Leland
    • Nick L
    • Paul Turney

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  • Gemini Papers Community Review
    Gemini Papers Community Review

    Open Network 66 members Last active Gemini Papers Community Review

    CDBB has commissioned a suite of papers - the Gemini Papers - to consolidate the shared learnings from the past four years and to bring together the consensus viewpoint of the digital twin community. These papers will also capture the thought leadership of the existing National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) and CDBB. The objective of the Gemini papers is to collect, curate and encapsulate the knowledge and learning since the conception of CDBB but also to lay out concisely its recommendations for what needs to happen next and in the future, and provide direction for those who will take what is to follow, continue the work and deliver the vision of connected digital twins and a National Digital Twin.

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  • Funding / Collaborative R&D Opportunities

    Open Network 43 members Last active Funding / Collaborative R&D Opportunities

    Share and discuss your challenges with other members. Find and offer tools, expertise, funding, and opportunities to collaborate. Open to industry, academia, innovation centres, funding bodies, and all other stakeholders. Please note that the content of this network (posts, shared files ...) is visible to guests of the DT Hub website (non-registered members).

    • Vivian Ku
    • turn-left
    • Elias N
    • Rajat
    • Li Li
    • gbooth
    • James O
    • choko-san
    • Daniele Tartarini
    • Mert Uygun

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  • 4-dimensionalism

    Open Network 60 members 4-dimensionalism

    Welcome to the 4-Dimensionalism Public Network. Join this network if you are interested in 4-dimensionalism, an approach founded in pure maths and metaphysics which treats anything that is, or could be real, as extended in time as well as space. 4-dimensionalism is a key characteristic of the Top Level Ontology which will be adopted to underpin the Foundation Data Model for the National Digital Twin. Please note that posts in the forum are visible to guests of the website (non-registered members).

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  • ASEAN Digital Twins

    Open Network 10 members ASEAN Digital Twins

    Community for Digital Twins activities, business opportunities, discussions and networks relating to ASEAN (Association of South East Asian) nations

    • Vivian Ku
    • Bryn Harvey
    • Gokhan Guler
    • John Holden
    • Nicholas Drury
    • Irfan Qalamkar
    • Jimmy fahy
    • Andrew Breeson
    • Muthu
    • Sean Whiteley

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  • Data sharing architectures
    Data sharing architectures

    Open Network 47 members Data sharing architectures

    Download the data sharing architectures template and create your own version to share within this network. Give feedback on the template and test it to see if it can help to describe your digital twin project. Can we as a community start to develop shared rules that will enable distributed architectures to work across industries?

    • Paul C
    • Jethro Akroyd
    • gbooth
    • ChrisWines
    • Tom Burgoyne
    • Liz Scott
    • ElisabethR
    • Mark Enzer
    • Irfan Qalamkar
    • ChristopherAbrams

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  • CReDo

    Open Network 5 members CReDo

    A network for CReDo, the Climate Resilience Demonstrator. CReDo showcases the advantages of combining data and insights across sectoral and organisational boundaries. The resulting improved coordination of operational and investment decisions, including inter- and intra-sector collaboration, will increase resilience against extreme weather events. At present this covers infrastructure across the water, energy and telecoms sectors, but long-term ambition is to capture additional sectors, at national scale.

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  • Middle East Digital Twins
    Middle East Digital Twins

    Open Network 3 members Middle East Digital Twins

    Some of the world's boldest, most challenging, built environment development projects are underway in the Middle East. The early adoption and effective use of Digital Twins will determine their life-cycle success, from pre-design reviews, through construction to operations, measured by their ESG impact...

    • Bryn Harvey
    • John Holden
    • David Carey

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  • Digital Twin for Heavy Industry

    Closed Network 1 member Digital Twin for Heavy Industry

    Digital Twin for Heavy Industry

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