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With the excitement for digital technologies and innovations that can potentially improve our everyday lives, comes the responsibility to ensure they are ethical and sustainable. This is particularly true of the National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) which is based on the premise of ‘data for the public good’ [National Infrastructure Commission: 2017].

From its inception, the NDTp has been guided by the Gemini Principles, a unique set of values that are the conscience of the NDT. Together with our growing community, we have used the Gemini Principles to inform the research and development of standards and toolkits, guidance and demonstrators, towards enabling ‘an ecosystem of connected digital twins’. 

We are delighted that the community has come together, ably led by Sopra Steria, to examine the ethics of connected digital twins, with the Gemini Principles as a reference point. This report throws much-needed light on the key ethical considerations for the community as we move towards making connected digital twins a reality.

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