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March 2023   CReDo

Welcome to the March edition of Connected Topics, bringing together fascinating articles, discussions and resources each month on a chosen topic.

These pages are designed to highlight the most useful and relevant content on different areas of digital twin technology from across the DT Hub.

Our March theme is CReDo (Climate Resilience Demonstrator). This pioneering project demonstrates the potential for a connected digital twin to tackle the social, economic and infrastructure impacts of extreme climate events. Nearing the end of its second phase, the CReDo project has successfully brought together stakeholders from the water, power and telecommunications sectors to collaborate on new data sharing approaches to demonstrate the possibilities of a connected digital twin.


The culmination of this work has been a hugely successful CReDo showcase event, held in March at Connected Places Catapult, where the most recent developments were shared with a wide range of stakeholders and representatives from numerous other sectors, as well as over 300 online attendees. You can view the event on this page, as well as the new CReDo film and more.

CReDo Partner Profile
As one of the key development partners of the CReDo project, CMCL has a unique perspective and intimate knowledge of the progress made so far. Here they talk about their involvement in CReDo.

CReDo has offered CMCL an unparalleled opportunity as a technology-driven SME to organically grow and demonstrate its strategic priority of enabling cross-sector interoperability for holistic decision support.

How has CMCL been involved in the CReDo project?

CMCL won the two highly competitive tenders to be engaged with the CReDo team as a technical development and implementation partner. In the first six-month phase, CMCL focused on development of a semantic knowledge graph approach to enable data interoperability between assets from the telecoms, water and power networks, as well as flood hazards data to resolve the cascade of effects across the combined networks. To extend the scalability of CReDo to include other asset owners and sectors while respecting data security and confidentiality, CMCL developed and deployed an extensible distributed architecture in collaboration with the CReDo partners. CMCL has brought to the CReDo team its practitioner’s experience in delivering cross-domain digital solutions to solve information silo problems.

Why do you think CReDo is so important?

The CReDo project has successfully deployed a first-of-a-kind climate adaptation connected digital twin combining cross-domain data, software and insights. Climate resilience of critical infrastructure is an intrinsically multi-dimensional challenge, and CReDo offers a live demonstration of how technical, economic and legal aspects around data sharing and digital ecosystems can be addressed to connect data and insights across sectors and organisations to deliver both private and public good.

What are your hopes for the development of CReDo in the future?

The CReDo team is fostering new partnerships to extend the technical development of CReDo to other climate risks such as extreme heat and strong winds, and to other sectors including transportation and land-use. The team will also be looking at advanced system impact models.

The key technical features such as the dynamic knowledge graph approach, decentralised architecture, ontologies and the system impact analysis have all been released in the public domain by the CReDo team. We hope that other sectors, developers and communities as part of the wider digital ecosystem can leverage benefits from this TRL (Technology Readiness Level) progression and accelerate their efforts in applications covering net zero, climate resilience and sustainability.

CReDo content
This content from around the DT Hub looks at the progress of the CReDo project, with recent updates from phase 2, as well as insights on wider related topics such as data sharing.

Articles & Publications

Catch up with the recording of the CReDo showcase event here

We're pleased to share the full recording of the Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) showcase event hosted at Connected Places Catapult on 7 March 2023. Learn more about CReDo: https://digitaltwinhub.co.uk/credo/credo/ Get involved in our next phase: https://digitaltwinhub.co.uk/credo/taking-action/ Contact us: credo@cp.catapult.org.uk ...

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Articles & Publications

Watch the new CReDo film – Increasing climate resilience through cross-sector data sharing

The Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) team and project partners have launched a new film to show how a novel approach to cross-sector datasharing in a connected digital twin is key to safeguarding critical infrastructure as we tackle the effects of climate change. CReDo is combining datasets from Anglian Water, BT ...

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'CReDo update' - Loren Chamberlain, CReDo

Loren Chamberlain of CReDo presents 'CReDo update' for the weekly Gemini Call Feature Focus. ...

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'Data sharing architectures - industry collaboration' - Sarah Hayes, Jethro Akroyd, Jonathan Barcroft

Sarah Hayes, @Sarah Hayes, of CReDo, Jethro Akroyd, @Jethro Akroyd, of CMCL Innovations and Jonathan Barcroft, @Jonathan Barcroft, of National Grid ESO present 'Data sharing architectures - industry collaboration' for the weekly Gemini Call Feature Focus. ...

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Sarah Hayes presents Architectures for Data sharing - Industry collaboration

If you have any additional questions about the presentation. Feel free to reach out to @Sarah Hayes ...

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Articles & Publications

Guest blog: Data sharing between digital twins – can we show this in a simple way? by Sarah Hayes, CReDo

Data sharing between digital twins – can we show this in a simple way? Sarah Hayes, Strategic Engagement Lead for CReDo It’s great to hear about our digital twin projects because they’re exciting and innovative. Our use cases are different and varied because there are so many problems that digital ...

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